Global Data Plans for Yachts

Connecting the internet while at sea can often pose many challenges. Not only will you have to put up with inconsistent coverage, but there is also such things as dead zones and, of course extremely slow speeds. Who needs that? Especially when you are trying to relax? The answer is to enlist the services of a superior provider of reliable global data plans for yachts and boats. Here at algLINK, we specialize in exactly that.


Choosing Your Data Plan

Internet connectivity and data plans need to be flexible to suit your needs. There’s no need to pay extravagant fees if you only require limited data. There’s also no need to pay extravagant fees if you require unlimited data. Here at algLINK, we make it possible for you to choose global data plans for yachts that suit both your requirements and your pocket.

Our two main options include:

  1. Private/Crewed Yacht BVI Wi-Fi, and
  2. Bareboat BVI Wi-Fi.

Our data plans can be tailored according to the number of days that you’ll require internet connectivity for. Plus, if you would like to extend your plan at the last minute, we can accommodate that request, too.


The benefits

The benefits of opting for global data plans for yachts from algLINK include:

  • The ability to connect up to 12 Wi-Fi devices on your yacht at the same time.
  • Use the internet however you choose, whether that it is to send and receive email or to watch videos on YouTube.
  • Incredible speeds. In fact, 4G speeds are typical in the BVI.

Feel free to contact our team of Network Engineers to start a conversation about your project and specific needs.