Professional Maritime Communication Services & IT Support

Our expertise lies in the installation and maintenance of marine-rated commercial network hardware, guaranteeing the most stable and lightning-fast marine internet and boat WiFi solutions available.

Tech Support at Every Step

Our clients value our commitment to professionally installing, maintaining, and supporting our extensively tested marine-grade hardware. Whether it’s ensuring a high-speed internet connection for your private, crewed or bareboat fleet or setting up a SONOS Audio System, we have a team of certified experts readily available to get the job done correctly and efficiently on the first attempt.

Caribbean Internet on Yachts

Service for private and chartered yachts from installation to ongoing support and maintenance.

Managed Networks

Comprehensive managed yacht networks, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal performance for maritime clients.

Global Data Plans for Yachts

aLGLink stands as a premier provider of dependable worldwide global data plans.

Feel free to contact our team of Network Engineers to start a conversation about your project and specific needs.