Caribbean Internet on Yachts

Use Boat Wifi to stay connected to the “Real World”

You’re cruising on a beautiful yacht in the Caribbean. You’ve got the wind in your hair, the warm sun on your skin and a view unlike any other. What could be missing from this incredible experience? Well, a reliable internet connection on board, for starters! After all, what’s a picture-perfect holiday spent on a yacht if you can’t upload your selfie onto Instagram and share your experience with the world?

The good news is that algLINK specializes in Caribbean internet on yachts – and we’ve got you covered. Literally.

What Internet Can I Get?

Our two main options include Private/Crewed Yacht BVI Wi-Fi and Bareboat BVI Wi-Fi, and we can offer you tailored data packages for each. But what happens if you are travelling with multiple people on the yacht. Is it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of seamless Caribbean internet on yachts? For sure! algLINK on board internet allows multiple people to connect to the Wi-Fi, without its speed or consistency being affected in the process.

How Do I Sign Up?

We have made sure that it is incredibly easy for you to sign up to make use of our internet services as and when you need them. You can sign up by getting in touch with us via our website, and if you need to extend your chosen data plan for a bit longer, that shouldn’t be a problem either.

Why algLINK?

Our on board internet options are just as fast and consistent as the usually costly satellite internet alternative. While satellite internet service provides improved internet browsing offshore (voice calling, messaging, high-definition television reception and web browsing), the satellite equipment is expensive and installation and maintenance costs are high. We eliminate the need for these additional costs by providing a solution that you can rely on.

Feel free to contact our team of Network Engineers to start a conversation about your project and specific needs.