CCTV, Mag Locks, Facial Recognition, Retinal Scans

Your business is an asset. It should be protected against threats to the security of the physical property (burglary, fire, unauthorized access, etc.). Moreover, it is important to protect equipment, staff, visitors and information. While the trusted method of hiring a security team is still working, current technology offers new commercial security solutions. In fact, security equipment is constantly evolving and rapidly changing.


CCTV is highly effective for crime prevention, detection and verification. It consists of a number of security cameras, which are connected to a central digital video recorder or computer by Ethernet cables or via a Wi-Fi signal. The CCTV system can include features such as:

  • Infrared or night vision,
  • Licence plate or facial recognition,
  • Automatic motion detectors, and
  • Lighting

Mag Locks

An electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock, or maglock is a locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate. They are well suited for use on fire safety emergency exit doors. However, a “fail-safe” magnetic lock requires power to remain locked and is, therefore, typically not suitable for high-security applications because it is possible to disable the lock by disrupting the power supply.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is growing in popularity amongst businesses who realized that the ability to identify and recognize specific individuals could help to:

  • Improve customer service,
  • To serve as a proactive way of protecting their assets against shoplifters, scam artists, or potential terrorists, and
  • Improve security measures by tracking both the employees and any visitors that come to the company’s premises. Anyone who does not have access or permission to be there will be captured by the recognition system, which alerts you instantly about the trespassing.

Retinal Scans

Retina scanning is a biometric verification technology. It is very reliable (about 70 times more accurate than iris scans and 20,000 times more accurate than fingerprint-based methods). It uses an image of an individual’s retinal blood vessel pattern as a unique identifying trait to:

  • Access secure installations, and/or
  • Unlock a computer or machine.

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