Low-Cost Voice Solutions for Home and Office, Call Forwarding, Answering Services

Great customer service is key to growing your business, boosting customer loyalty and beating the competition in your industry – and that means having reliable, budget-friendly communication systems within your organization.

What is a PBX Phone System?

A PBX is a Private Branch Exchange, essentially a private phone network for use within your company or organization. It can be set up for both internal and external communication using different communication technologies like ISDN, analog or VoIP. So, what are the benefits?

Unlike traditional telephone networks, PBXs are designed to meet the needs of the business community. These exchanges allow you to have more phones than physical phone lines, free calls between users on the exchange, and useful features like call transferring, call answering, call recording, interactive voice menus, call queues and voicemail.

With the latest technology, PBX phone systems utilize the Internet Protocol as the underlying technology, allowing them to be available as hosted or virtual solutions.

PBX Phone Systems for the Home

While these exchanges are typically for business use, there are options that are suited to home use. With the decline of traditional home telephones, VoIP PBXs add new functionality to your home while lowering costs. This allows you to have individual phone extensions for each family member, conference-type calls for family meetings, group calls for custom uses, flexible voicemail, detailed call reporting, extension-to-extension calling and free calling between family members.

If you run a business from home, this type of simple, functional and cost-effective communication is essential, bringing in significant cost savings regardless of the number of users on the exchange, the volume of calls made, or additional services utilized.

Why algLink?

If you want to make customer service a business priority, you need reliable, cost-effective PBX phone services. At algLINK, we stay ahead of the curve and offer the latest in reliable tech innovations, enabling us to provide you with state-of-the-art technology, high-speed Internet and reliable, high-quality Wi-Fi services. Contact us today for more information.