Hurricane Proof File Backup, Cloud Storage, Remove Access and Restore from Archive

If you are concerned about business continuity (who isn’t?), it is essential that you have a secure off-site storage system. This file backup and recovery plan should ensure that critical business information is not only secured off-site and offline, but also that the business is able to access and restore the data when it is needed. If you don’t already have a secure off-site storage system in place, now is the time to get started!

Hurricane Proof File Backup

The only way you can truly hurricane-proof your file backup, is if you use remote data backup services. (What purpose will it serve to back up your data to another drive or computer in the same geographic location?) One very useful strategy is to upload your data to cloud-based services.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a cloud-computing model, in which data is remotely maintained, managed and backed up. It enables users to store and access files online. The advantage is that even if a hurricane obliterates your business, you can use any pc to retrieve the bulk of your most important information. No wonder users are embracing the cloud – as long as they have Internet access, data can be retrieved and restored – whenever and wherever they are.

Remove Access

The best way to ensure your staff knows how to recover data is to document your backup and recovery process. It is a good idea to set user permissions, giving people different levels of access to view or manage their own recovery installations. Whatever the plan, ensure everyone who works on backup and recovery has remove access to this documentation and knows where to find it in the event of an incident.

Restore From Archive

When you restore files from archives, you need to be able to recover them with absolute accuracy. Regularly test your backup and restore plan to ensure the process is unflawed. 

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